Saturday, June 4, 2011

Children's Past Life Memories - Recognition

According to author Carol Bowman  you can tell fantasy stories that children make up from real past life memories by these signs:

Matter-of-fact tone. When children make up stories, their voices tend to change tones in a singsong way, while past-life-memories tend to be told in a more mature, even tone.

Consistency over time. Fantasy stories change over time and are easily forgotten by children, while past life memories are unusually consistent over time.

Knowledge beyond experience.  While fantasy stories can incorporate words heard on TV or in a story book, sometimes children's past life memories show knowledge and vocabulary the parents are sure they have never been exposed to.  For example, a toddler talks about different kinds of sails on a ship that was in use a century ago.

Corresponding behavior and traits.  Special skills or phobias can be connected to memories from past lives.  Also, some children are born with birthmarks or birth defects that correspond with their memories of death in their past lives.

The next blog post will be about how to respond if your child shares a past life memory with you.

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