Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Is it intuition or is it chance.  Sometimes there can be a fine line.  A parent in our group this week related a story of how she though Angels were whispering in her ear.  She was turning left on a major intersection when she had a thought to slow down and stop.  She wasn't sure where this thought came from or why.  She is not in the habit of stopping in intersections but the thought was compelling.  Just as she was about to stop she thought over her actions and knew she had to continue through the intersection.  The car rounded the corner and a few hundred yards in front was a beautiful deer crossing the road.  More than likely if she had continued her speed she would have crossed the deer's path.  Luckily she had slowed the car and escaped a collision.  She believed it was not chance but divine guidance that helped her to slow down.

We often receive messages and intuitive thoughts that can help us and change us.  It is not limited to adults, children can receive these messages too.  Its just a matter of are we listening.

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