Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book Review: Life Before Life

Many parents relate experiences from their children that could only have come from a previous life.  One parent told a story where her 2 year old daughter saw a picture in a calendar of the Golden Gate Bridge and she said, "Look, California."  The mom then asked, "have you ever been there?"  To which, the daughter replied, "yes, on a tall ship." 

For some parents when their children speak of a previous life they can feel isolated, as the "odd man out."  They can believe they are the only ones around having this experience, when in fact this is a very common occurence. 

Dr. Jim Tucker is a physician and researcher at the University of Virginia and he has spent a lifetime collecting and evaluating children's stories of previous lives.  Dr. Tucker has also travelled the globe and has talked with thousands of individuals.  His book, 'Life Before Life' chronicals a few of the thousands of cases he and others have catalogued in the Division of Personality Studies.

These stories are fascinating and in most cases extremely detailed.  In one case he talks of a young Turkish boy, who recalled a life in Instanbul, a city 500 miles away.  He said that his last name had been Karakas and he had been a rich Armenian Christian who lived in a three-story house.  He had a wife and three children who all had greek first names.

While these stories intrigue us and perplex us, the author does state that in most cases children forget these details by the time they are seven years old and continue with this life happy and healthy.

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