Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Protective Egg

Have you noticed that if you are in a hurry or angry, your child reacts emotionally to this even if you have been careful to not openly express your feelings? 

This is because young children are so open energetically that they pick up on our thoughts and feelings without any effort on their part.  Adults transmit these feelings and thoughts through energy fields surrounding them.  The energy field of an adult is naturally extended to young children in our care since their fields are much weaker than ours.  Adults can often choose whom to let into this “energy bubble” but this process is more difficult for children.  Since children are energetically more open, they tend to pick up on every nuance of emotion surrounding them. 

As parents, we naturally extend our energy and love towards our children.  Younger children count on the consistent energetic protection of a trusted adult in order to feel safe and secure.  This protection is as crucial as food for young children, especially those under five years old.   

According to author Dorothy Harbour, one simple way of strengthening this protective field is to think about your child with a feeling of pure love as often as possible. 

You can also sit down and take a few deep breaths and imagine that your protective energy and love surrounds both you and your child in the form of an egg made of white light.

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