Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pregnancy dreams

Vivid dreams are common during pregnancy.  Sometimes a mother dreams accurately about meeting her baby while she is pregnant:

I knew I was pregnant with my first child from the moment of conception.  I don’t know how, but I just did.  I had conversations with this baby all the time I was pregnant with her, and I knew it was a girl I was carrying.  I would often see the baby in my dreams looking at me lovingly and waving at me.

When I went for my first scan, I was very excited, like all first time mothers-to-be and couldn’t wait to get a glimpse at this tiny life growing inside me.  Once the doctor had got a good glimpse of the baby, he turned the screen toward me so that I could see the baby.  What a surprise I got!  The baby started to move its hand around, waving at me.  I knew then that I was right in sensing that this was a girl.  She was waving at me the same way she had done when I saw her in my dreams! (Story told by Charmaine in the book Psychic Kids by Lynne Gallagher.)

Did you have any memorable dreams during pregnancy?

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