Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a Child Sees

Practicing visualization with kids can be entertaining.  One of the group members did the Protective Egg exercise with her young daughter to help her relax and feel safe in bed after a long and active day.  The girl imagined being enclosed in an egg made of white light. 

“Mom, the egg broke and half of it fell on the bed.” 
Mom thinking quickly: “Okay, then imagine a new egg made of light surrounding you.”
“This one is colorful like a rainbow with flowers on it and my body is tingling.”
“Good.  You can imagine this egg surrounding you and protecting you any time.”
“But mom, I can’t walk or run in an egg!”
“Oh, maybe at night you can imagine the egg and during the day you can imagine the light being more like a suit like the one Super Why wears?”
“I’m like Super Why!  Crocodiles are in eggs too.”
“Yes, they are.  Time to go to bed now little one!”

Try one of the visualizations in our blog and tell us how it went!

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